Everybody Had A Good Time….

The “Last $1.00 Beer Party” was a great time. Music, food, fun and yes $1 beer! As shown here Pat, Kim and Doug stayed to the very end to see who ended up with the last $1 beer. As the unofficial judge, I conducted last call just before midnight and scored it as a tie between Kim, Pat and Doug. However, Pat had secreted a dollar bill under the adding machine and shoved it across the counter to claim the honor of buying the last beer. Congratulations to Pat, Kim and Doug for hanging in there!

Buzzy was at the party and enjoyed catching up with all his family and friends. He joined Polock and Dick on the porch in cranking out the music. I took him back to the care center later in the afternoon. (Larry pitched in to help Jenny while I took Dad back.)

Brings up something I should have done before this and that is to thank to Jenny, Larry and Terri for all their help in minding the store for me when I’m not there. I remember when we travelled, Dad would always tell me he was glad that Berta was willing to take care of the store and that he did not have to worry about things with her there. Thanks to Jenny, Terri and Larry I know what he was talking about!

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