Steve Soroka aka Polock

(Picture above are Dick, Polock and Buzzy)

When Steve Soroka first started coming to Point Lookout State Park 40 years ago and stumbled into Buzzy’s Country Store he had no idea that this would eventually become his home away from home.

Steve’s ancestors are Ukrainian and German so naturally Buzzy nicknamed him Polock. The nickname would stick. Through the years Polock has been a good friend to Buzzy and has assisted in doing a little bit of everything around the store from re-paving the parking lot to playing karaoke on the front porch. He still works for Charles Smith in Crystal City and because he’s so busy doing this and doing that he doesn’t get down as much as he used to. However, every time he does come down he makes it a point to visit Buzzy. Below is a picture of Polock in one of his rare moments of relaxing and doing nothing!

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