Happy Birthday – Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday and although she talks about getting old, she’s still one of the most active people I know. When George Bush and Dick Cheney left office I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find something to get her dander up each day. However, there are enough College Boathouse issues, Lexington Park traffic, and health care concerns to keep her going strong!
Happy Birthday Mom!!

Brady and I just got back from Toronto for our annual baseball trip. We saw the Blue Jays play the Red Sox twice and toured the city during the day. Great city and will definitely go back. The Skydome since re-named the Rogers Dome is a great stadium and we got to watch the roof open up the first night we were there. We also did the mandatory trek up the CN Tower adjacent the Rogers Center and I got to say that that was pretty cool. It was well worth the wait and hassle in getting up there with the crowds and all.

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