Visitors and Friends

Having a business where people can and do stop in makes for some good conversations here at Buzzy’s Country Store. Just yesterday a very nice couple Deb & Jim dropped in as they toured the South County. They have recently moved here from Lancaster, Pa. and are in the process of deciding where to purchase a home here in the Southern Maryland region. I enjoyed talking to and getting to know them some before they headed back north. (As someone at the Car Show noted “Where the hell else do you head from here?”)

Shortly after Deb & Jim left, Elmon and Bobbie Price stopped in. Elmon and his brothers Jackie and Carl Lee used to live across from the store years ago before the “new” road came thru and the State bought out their Mother Leola. (She built and moved into the house that Chris and Lori McKay currently own.) Again I enjoyed catching up with Elmon and Bobbie. Elmon informed me that Nathan Schuman who started the store in the late 1800’s had once tried to talk Leola into running the Post Office that used to be located here in the store.

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