I took my Grandson Shawn to the library for Storytime the other day. (He is pictured above sitting in the library’s helicopter and no that’s not his grandfather’s name and age on it as I’m “only” 58.) Everything they say about grand kids being God’s reward for surviving your own is true. Shawn and his sister Lily are great fun to be around. Put simply – when it comes to life and enjoying it, grand kids get it!

Here at the Buzzy’s Country Store I have a number of friends who come in with their grand kids. Pat Birmingham and his grandson Dylan were in just the other day. And I always enjoy visits from my college friend Dan Greenwell and his Grandson Mason when they are down County usually going by Carroll’s to buy another toy tractor. Jimmy & Mary Lou Cullison have also had theirs in a couple of times. But for the above-and-beyond the call of duty award Joan and Coach Jack Kirsch had their grand babies for several days this summer and would bring them by the store for treats. That’s the other nice thing about being a grandparent – you can spoil and indulge them and not feel guilty about doing so!

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