Hail to – Aileen and Reagan!

With football season in full swing I thought this would be a good time to show a picture of my Aunt Aileen and my daughter Reagan at a Super Bowl party held in 1992. The party was held at the Belvedere Restaurant/Bar the Saturday night before the Redskins were set to play the Bills in Super Bowl XXVI which the the Skins won 37-24. (Yes, the good old days when the Skins were a force to be reckoned with!) Like many Redskins fans, my Aunt had her little superstitions and game day lucky charms to ensure a Burgundy & Gold victory. I don’t know where all those items went after she passed in 2001 but I bet Dan Snyder sure wishes Aileen was still around and performing her lucky rites every Sunday for the Skins!

Here at Buzzy’s Country Store we follow the Skins with a pool for half time and game final scores. Lots of fun playing the pool and best of all – no skill is involved in winning!

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