Happy Birthday Larry – 15 October

Today is Chief Larry’s birthday and I’d like to wish him happy birthday and thank him for all he does for me and Buzzy’s Country Store. Larry has lived above the Store for 11 or so years and was very kind to my Dad. Larry would visit Buzzy every week in either of the nursing home(s) and/or the hospitals that Buzzy spent the last couple years moving in and out of. Through it all Larry was a true friend. He continues to help me out in many ways and I value his support very much. Like me, Larry no longer drinks the joy juice even though he and I have PhD’s in the subject.. We trade tales of what it’s like to have gone from being wild and crazy guys to now just being just old and slow albeit sober. If you see Larry in your travels today wish him a happy one! Also, check out his website @ Ridgenews.com.

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