It’s 4 O’clock Somewhere

Pictured above (left to right) are David Raley, Charlie Simms, Jimmy Cullison, Russ Newman, Bart, Pat Birmingham and Jerry Norris (who is wondering why he didn’t get a “I Survived the Great Fire of 2007” shirt.)

These gentlemen along with Jim Gray, Harry Wheatley and John Carbone are members of Buzzy’s Country Store 4 O’clock Club. Every day at 4 o’clock they roll into the Store, pull up a chair, pop a top and chew the fat for an hour or so. Jokes are told, gossip is exchanged, problems are solved and fish stories are told (believe me – many fish stories are told!)

The 4 O’clock Club started several years ago primarily as a result of a change in ownership at Ann & Tony’s (used to be Yost’s Store.) Howard Bradburn, Jerry Norris, Dick Wood and Charlie Simms migrated down to Buzzy’s in the late afternoon for a few beers and the “club” grew from there.

If you ever need to verify any rumors, build or re-build something, need some advice or counselling (shoot the sob may be the default option) call 1 -800-Buzzys between 4 & 5 o’clock and the 4 O’clock Club will help you out! (Note: The Store’s phone number is actually 301-872-5430.)

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