You Can’t Eat Dog Food

A dog food salesman dropped by Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday. He was down in the area, saw Bruno’s picture on the sign and stopped in. He represents a dog food manufacturer based in Kentucky where they make various grades of dog food for different chain stores who then put their own brand name on it. As he was explaining the different kinds of products they offered, a flashback memory from years ago popped up in my mind: me as a kid stocking the lower shelf over in the corner of the Store with cans of Ken-L Ration dog food that Dad used to carry.
As the salesman finished his pitch and I returned from memory lane, I informed him that while I have several four legged (as well as two legged) dogs that come into the Store on a regular basis, I don’t have too many requests for dog food. He understood, gave me his card and left.

I then googled Ken-L Ration and was a little sadden to see that it is no longer made. I guess that when Buzzy stopped carrying it here in the Store, they just couldn’t compete in the open market anymore!

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