J Talking Pt. 1

Before Jay Leno became so well known, I would ask folks to “Name someone famous whose first name is Jay.” When they couldn’t do so, I would inform them of the most famous Jay of all Jay Silverheels and they would have no idea who he was. (My buddy Dave Carlson is the only person I ever posed this question to who knew that Mr. Silverheels was in fact Tonto.)

I relate all this because not only is Jay Leno in the news about going back to his 11:30 timeslot but also because I’ve always felt thru the years that Jay and I have a lot in common (other than being named J:) he’s a stand up comedian, I’m a standup guy; we’re both partial to brunettes (Jay pictured above with his wife Mavis) and most of all we both succeeded legends – he Johnny Carson, me Buzzy!

Problem with Jay going back to 11:30 is it’s going to force me to buy a Tivo because I can’t stay up that late anymore!

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