SCBA Meeting – 13 January

Our South County Business Association (SCBA) will hold its first 2010 meeting tonite at Glennending Hall at St. Mary’s College 7 – 8 pm. If any of you business owners can not make this meeting, please note on your calendars that future meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at the College.


7:00 pm: Report on past meeting/year: Christmas Party

7:05 pm Business Report – South County Business Association develops a presence. Ginger reports on other business groups and our presence.

7:20 pm Committee Reports: 2 minutes each

7:30 pm Make a list of important issues concerning SCBA to address in 2010. Open discussion. Will evaluate and develop plan of attack for February Meeting. Dues membership

7:40 pm Response letter – Dept. of Land Use Growth Management concerning Comprehensive Plan from County

7:50 pm Open Floor for discussion

8:00 pm Meetings adjourned – SCBA plans to meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Next Meet February 10th, 7pm

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