Time Has Come Today Marilyn

When I was still working on Base in 2007 I came in to work on a Tuesday morning following the New England Patriots’ Monday night close win over the Ravens to find an email from a Patriots’ fan. It read “Dear J., So sorry about your Ravens’ loss to the Patriots. They came sooooooooooooooooooo close!” I started to respond at the time but remembering that revenge-best-served-cold business held off doing so.

When the Patriots eventually lost to the Giants in that season’s Super Bowl I thought to send back a similar note to her then. However, I elected to keep my ammo dry knowing (hoping) that the Ravens would one day be the ones to exact revenge.

When the Ravens played the Patriots earlier this season I thought about the payback. But in keeping with their previous record of never having beaten the Pats, the Ravens lost again.

Well three years after that first e-mail from Marilyn, the time has finally come to reciprocate:

Dear Marilyn, Sorry about your Patriots’ loss today. They were soooooooooooooooooooo pathetically not even close!”

PS Should note that Marilyn is actually a very nice lady other than the fact that she’s a Patriots’ fan.

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