Best Gift I Ever Had, I Call Him Dad

Attending the prayers and funeral for Terri’s father Dickie Norris yesterday and today made me think about Buzzy and his final years, months and days on this earth. It made me sad to think about Dickie’s and Buzzy’s loss of health through their last days and their eventual deaths.

On the way down the road from the funeral I swung by the St. Michael’s graveyard to check on Buzzy. I thought of Jimmy Carter’s line that life is not fair: for years and years you work, you push, you churn and ultimately life just grinds you down. Then I remembered a quote to the effect that death is the only time we’ll ever truly be able to get some rest. Maybe that’s the good news for Buzzy and Mr. Norris.

The more I “do” the Store the better I appreciate what my father did in operating it for the 54 plus years that he did. He wrote me once that he looked forward to our trips like a kid looks forward to Christmas. As I go along I understand what he meant when he wrote that.
When we travelled he had Berta to rely on to watch the Store while he was away. Now when I go away I’m equally blessed to have Jennifer, Chief Larry, Terri, Brady and Molly to watch over things. (Please, no comments that it takes me 5 people to do what Buzzy did with one!)

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