Hey Jerry – Real Customer Service is Staying Alive to Service Them!

Jimmy Cullison called Buzzy’s Country Store 4 O’Clock Club yesterday to have us visit http://liveduvalstreet.com/ . Once I found it we saw him, John Carbone and David Burke waving to us from Key West. (Not sure if Lenore, Mary Lou and Theresa were in the view or not.) I started to ask Jimmy if there was any connection between him being in Florida and the whale attacking the woman – that whole fish fear him thing you know.

The picture above is not how Jimmy got to Florida, it’s from an article on the Grateful Dead and customer service. Worth a look http://lifehacker.com/5477419/what-managers-and-freelancers-can-learn-from-the-grateful-dead
Scroll down after the article to see a comment someone posted about needing 2 drummers!

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