New Old Floor

Thanks to Winkie (again,) Buzzy’s Country Store has new and old flooring. The Health Department had problems with some holes and cracks in the old flooring in front of the counter area where the original flooring was worn all the way through to the sub floor. Rather than replace that area with new flooring that would have looked out of place, we spent some time ripping up old flooring over in the corner by the refrigerator area of the Store and installing that flooring in front of the counter. If you check it out and don’t see any difference in front of the counter, that’s good! As I tell folks, we went thru alot of trouble to have that area of the floor look so old and worn.

Winkie then installed new flooring over in the area where we pulled up the old flooring. As some have noted, it now looks like there’s a dance floor in Buzzy’s. Of course the lack of a formal dance area has never stopped anyone from dancing at Buzzy’s anyhow!
Several years ago Mike Fenhagen and Tommy Cullison replaced the flooring near the entryway of the Store and thru the years it has blended in. I hope that will be the case with the new “dance floor” area. On second thought maybe we will have an actual dance to hasten the breaking in/aging of that area!

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