New Vestibule

Remember the vestibule Buzzy would install at the front door in winter months? (See above.) He would install it to keep cold air from blowing into the Store as folks came and went. I never liked it for a number of reasons and chose not to put it up the past two winters. Awhile back when I found the old beat up two-piece structure stashed around back of the Store I hauled it away to the Land Fill.

However, with this winter’s north west wind gusts, temperatures below freezing and last months oil bill, I saw the wisdom of why Buzzy did what he did. (This is not the first time I’ve come to better understand alot of why he did what he did! Happens all the time as a matter of fact.)

Thanks to Winkie (aka Steve Lengel) a new vestibule is once again installed at the front door. Somewhere Buzzy is smiling.

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