K Connection – Thanks Karen, Karla and Kim! (Subtitle “First Buzzy Blog Slideshow Directed by a Woman!)

As the weather warms up so too does the number of  folks visiting Buzzy’s Country Store – tourists, bikers, and folks just out for a ride down county.  Yesterday included all of the above with a couple of very special visitors – Karen Guy and Karla MacRae.  Karen is one of my favorite emailers because each month she forwards me the Budweiser specials from Guy Distributing.  Her sister Brenda also works at Guy Distributing and she’s my POC for buying beer and doing the recycling I do.  To make this story full circle – Karla is Brenda’s daughter.  Karen and Karla were down county Sunday to visit Pt. Lookout and shoot some pictures.

Brenda, Karla & Karen

Brenda had given me Karla’s blogsite http://karlamacrae.blogspot.com/ several months back mostly to show me pics of their St. Bernard.  Once I checked out Karla’s blog though I was impressed and envious with how she had structured her blog with pictures, slideshows, music etc.. Having seen Karla’s blog I’ve been trying to figure how how to add slideshows without much success for awhile.
Well thanks to Karla I now know how to post slideshows!
And for Buzzy’s first slideshow, here’s a collection from Kim Wiley that I’ve been trying to post since she sent these photos to me last month.  (Hard to think that this time one month ago we were snowed under and in!)  Kim shot these while riding around Piney Point, St. George’s Island and as you’ll see at Buzzy’s. 

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