If You See This Truck in Guatemala

When travelling, Buzzy would always take along several of his bumper stickers and post them in various locations.  (Once in Russia he nearly got arrested for trying to paste a bumper sticker on the wall at Lenin’s tomb.  No sense of humor those Russians.)
I came across the shot above from his pictures of a trip he made to Guatemala where he helped build a school house.  It was part of a Global travel tour group that did humanitarian works and was definitely not a pleasure trip.  Members of the group took turns doing a daily journal and I had to laugh at one of the entries made by a fellow member of the group as follows:  “Lots are drawn for showers.  Buzzy in a moment of chivalry gives up his turn (#1 to Peggy #6) but then insists on being #2 and shoving the rest of us back one slot.  In spite of protests Buzzy insists that we must show more respect for our elders and in that case we agree.”  Buzzy moral – it’s important to be nice – up to a point!

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