Bars & Grocery Stores

I always tell people that Buzzy’s Country Store is not a bar. Awhile back I ran onto the wife of one of my regulars and asked her why she hadn’t been in the Store. She informed me that she did not “do bars.” I told her I did not have a bar to which she responded “Oh yes you do and you’re the worst kind of bar owner because you have a bar and don’t even know you have one!”
Chris McKay tells a similar story of how his Mom Shirley would often advise him that he shouldn’t be bringing his daughter Kayla into Buzzy’s because it was a barroom. Chris correctly explained to her that Buzzy’s was not a bar.

All this is prelude to the following story from . Excerpt below. (If you go to the site and double click on the map you’ll see in Maryland a red area that looks to me like it’s PG County.)

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