Way to Go – Mrs. Quade!

Yesterday Pam and I attended the 7th District Optimist Club’s Celebration of Mrs. Quade’s 75th anniversary of running Quade’s Store & Restaurant in Bushwood. Mrs. Quade is 95 years old and still can be found in the Store every day.

A series of pictures on a slide show in the store showed old photo’s of the business and the many friends and family who have supported it thru the years. It also showed how hurricanes over the years had impacted the store with Hurricane Hazel in 1954 wiping out the original store. The current structure was rebuilt in its place. Then in 2003 Hurricane Isabel flooded it again (picture below with the store being the white building on the right.) Through it all however, Mrs. Quade has been there and been ready to greet and serve all of those who walk in her door. Let me know when you’d like to ride down there and I’ll buy you lunch!

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