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Of course the primary appeal of traveling around the world is to see some sights and have some new experiences.  While I too enjoy that aspect of traveling I also enjoy – and maybe even enjoy more – meeting and getting to know the people I encounter along the way.

When traveling with a tour group you are automatically with life’s adventurers – folks who don’t mind getting out of their comfort zones. On these trips I particularly like talking to those “veterans” who have been everywhere.

One of the most memorable of persons Buzzy and I met is pictured here in the center of this picture of our India tour group in front of the Taj Mahal.  (In case you have problems picking out Buzzy and me, we are the ones on the right wearing the redneck, country boy travel uniform – ball caps, shorts  and white socks.)

The lady in the middle wearing the flowered blouse was named Dot and was 87 years old.  When I asked her her secret for a long life she said “Just keep going.”  When quizzing her where she had been, she like most of the others in this photo had pretty much seen the world.

However, Dot had not seen much of the USA as her motto was “I’ll see the US when I’m too old to travel.  As long as I can do 10 hour flights and trudge thru airports I’m going to see the world.  When I get too old to do that, instead of going into a nursing home I told ’em put me on a tour bus and I’ll just ride around and see the US.”

She also told us that she had just been to her 70th high school reunion.  (I thought about but refrained from asking her if anyone else from her class was in attendance!)

Dot and I exchanged Christmas cards for a couple years after our trip to India but I haven’t heard from her recently. While the guess is that she may be on some bus somewhere riding around the USA who knows, she may just be moseying thru some airport somewhere as she just keeps going. I certainly hope so!

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  1. J-
    I remember you telling the story of Dot. One of my favorites. Dot is one of my role models!
    V in Naptown

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