Virginia Paranormal Visit to Pt. Lookout Lighthouse

As I was about to close Buzzy’s Country Store this past Saturday night a dozen members of the Virginia Paranormal Society (click here to visit their website) came in on their way to Pt. Lookout.  (Several times a year Pt. Lookout Lighthouse sponsors paranormal sessions where the public can pay $50 and visit the Lighthouse for several hours late at night.)  My store visitors were on their way to the Point to conduct a full up paranormal investigation similar to what you see on the Ghost Hunters T-V show click here.

I didn’t hear back from them yesterday – guess they survived – but am trying to contact them to see what they discovered.  Above is probably the most remarkable print/proof of “something” in the Lighthouse as a previous paranormal session showed a Confederate soldier to the left of the lady.  The image was not seen at the time but became visible only when the print was developed!

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