Car Show 2010 Pt 1

Here’s a a short video of Buzzy’s Country Store parking lot with some of the people and vehicles in this year’s show. Good time, great food and music, weather was hot but rain held off and everyone had a good time.  My two party goals were achieved in that no one was injured nor arrested.

In the video, the three dudes standing on the front porch talking to JW Raley were Charlie Bennett, Bobby Wentworth and Glenn Guy.  Also, see if it doesn’t look like Gordon Aldridge isn’t trying to sell John Carbone’s Model A Ford to Shirley McKay and Audrey Pratt!   

There are several other video’s and pictures from the party that I’ll post here as I receive them.

My thanks to all the vehicle owners who participated on such a hot afternoon.  Also thanks to John Garner and the rest of the Bushwood Mill Players who even without Joe Fearns in attendance this year sounded great.  Thanks also for the food prep efforts from Steve Pratt, Greg Cullison, Winkie and Ronnie Lengel and in particular to John Carbone and Jimmy Cullison for their generous contributions. Everything was great but the food was excellent!  And a special thanks to my Step Daughter Jennifer for holding down the fort inside the Store and making sure everyone was kept well hydrated! 

As for the extracurricular activity later in the day, let’s just say that PJ Forest put on quite a show of his own. The boys from Leonardtown were commenting how they had to come to Ridge to see something they’d never seen before re: burning tires but truth be told – none of us had ever seen that before!

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