Founding Business Leaders Breakfast

Met up with Mike Raley and Pat Woodburn yesterday morning at the Department of Econmic & Community Development’s (DECD) Founding Business Leaders’ breakfast at the Jack Daugherty Center.  Nice affair attended by approximately 200 folks maybe 1/4 of whom were political candidates running for office (but still a nice affair even with all of them there.)  Event was hosted by Bob Schaller, Head of DECD and moderated by Tom Daugherty.  It featured Walter Blair, Elmer Brown, Ben Burroughs,George Guy, J. Frank Raley, Tom Waring and Bob Waxman discussing their various backgrounds and careers.  

For obvious reasons I particularly enjoyed hearing Mr. Guy discuss his experiences growing up in his father’s general store in Clements where they had a sign proclaiming “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it!”   I seem to recall Buzzy saying something similar back in the day when he actually advertised on a sign “Has everything” and pretty much did!

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