Pigtown-Design and the Redneck Taj Mahal

While looking for info on the Scotland Post Office the other day, I found Meg Fairfax Fielding’s great blog site Pigtown-Design (click here) where she talks about her visit down this way last year. In addition to some nice photo’s taken along the Bay and documenting the beauty of a spring day in South County, Meg published a shot of what some of the local boys call our Redneck Taj Mahal (left.)   (Of course any reference to the Taj Mahal always reminds me of the trip Buzzy and I made there several years ago click here.) To check out Meg’s blog posts on the house and her visit, go to the following link and scroll down to her 23 and 22 March entries  click here. 

The house is located on the old Dean farm property  on Fresh Pond Neck Road just before Hays Beach.  LP Mercure, whose mother and her brothers sold the property to the current owners, tells me that due to Critical Area Flood Cert requirements, the house had to be built eight feet above ground.  Don’t know if that requirement had anything to do with the rationale for the columns, but do know that it is one of the more “eye-catching” structures in our neck of the woods.  If I do obtain permission to relocate the Scotland Post Office to Buzzy’s Country Store maybe I’ll build something similar to house the Post Office!

One thought on “Pigtown-Design and the Redneck Taj Mahal

  1. hahaha! i went to st. mary's in the late 70's, so remember what the county was like back then. i just added this house again yesterday in our quest for pictures of houses in bad taste!

    Next time i am down, i will stop by (probably at the end of this month)

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