Bud, Bush & Other Urban Myths

Nice thing about having the Buzzy blog is that folks often send me “stuff” to post on it.  I recently received two items that I thought were good ones at first but did a little research and learned they were both bogus.  (Thanks again to the internet there is a website Snopes.com devoted solely to looking into these type of “urban myths.”)  The first item is this photo of George Bush on the phone and right away it looked suspicious so I went to click here for story.

The second item is one of those that will probably  pop up on every 9/11 anniversary.  It discusses a Budweiser distributor pulling beer from a business where the owners were supposedly celebrating the 9/11 events.   Turns out this story, while a nice one in a jingoistic kind of way, wasn’t true either click here.  Now if Snopes.com would only look into and clarify that whole Moll Dyer thing click here.

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