Happy Birthday Lou Gentry!

Ned Pratt and Lou Gentry

Right up there with El-Chucko Mettam and Bobby Demko stories told at Buzzy’s, there are also more than a few Lou Gentry stories told on him and his time living here at Buzzy’s. (He later resided in a trailer he rented from Ned.) 

Bobby D & Lou

Lou moved into the area in the 70’s to take a job with the Navy and somehow discovered South County/Buzzy’s.  (Think there was a Bill Raley connection in that it was Bill who brought Lou down the road to show him some South County hospitality.)  Retired from the Air Force, a bachelor and always one to enjoy a drink, Lou became good friends with Buzzy and eventually rented an apartment here at the Store. With Chief Larry living at the Store and in his drinking prime, Polock down every weekend knocking ’em back in his camper and Buzzy right in the middle of it all, Lou fit right in and let’s just say some partying went on. (This was probably when the “Every night is Saturday night and every Saturday night is New Year’s Eve” line originated.)

Chief Larry, Lou & Polock Making Music on Buzzy’s Porch

Lou eventually relocated back to his hometown of El Paso, Texas, married his childhood sweetheart Lupe and is doing well.  Maybe some day we’ll be able to talk him into making a return visit to check in with all his Buzzy friends. As it is, Happy Birthday, Lou and we all wish you well!

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