Saturday Events at Buzzy’s Country Store

Busy day at Buzzy’s this past Saturday.  At noon approximately 60 bikers rolled in as part of the Wounded Marines Poker Run.  Billy Breslin had contacted me some time ago about Buzzy’s being the first stop on the Run and I of course accepted his offer.  

Not knowing exactly when the bikers were to arrive, I had opened Buzzy’s early Saturday morning.  Just about the time around mid day that I was beginning to think they were not going to show, they all rolled in.  And boy did they roll in!  I’m very glad that Billy’s mother-in-law Vicki and her husband Stan were  at Buzzy’s to handle the card drawing for all of the participants.

Later Saturday evening Buzzy’s was packed again with friends to celebrate Donna Wheatley’s and Lori McKay’s birthdays.  Saturday night, plenty of food and two free drinks – one on Donna and one on Lori – the place was packed!  Party continued to late in the evening.  

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