September Birthdays

There are several September birthdays in the Buzzy’s Country Store world leading off with Joyce Kirsch (Coach Jack’s wife) on 3 September and my Godmother Peggy McMurray on 4 September. Duncan Leper has his on 5 September with Jim Gray checking in on the 8th.  Just about the only good thing to remember on 9/11, we celebrate David “Clutch” Raley’s birthday. My cousin John Bohanan will celebrate his birthday on the 12th and wants to have a get together here at the Store. (I’m not sure if he knows the tradition of having to buy a round though so it might be a “surprise party” for him!) 

Gary “Chop Chop” Norris’ birthday is on the 15th; Lou Gentry’s is on the 17th; Joe Cullison celebrates on the 22nd followed by Bobby Wright on the 23rd; Lori McKay and Donna Wheatley conclude a busy birthday month as they celebrate on the 25th. 

Here’s a September-themed video for you.  Not my favorite of Neil’s songs, but does contain some nice pics of some castles and gardens:

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