Alice (Sissie) Raley, Mary Bohanan and Bill Raley

Thanks to his wife Mary’s and his campaign treasurer Ann Marum’s efforts, John Bohanan’s birthday party at Buzzy’s last Sunday was a very pleasant affair.  Mary sent me the following email which sums everything up very nicely:  “Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for Sunday- we REALLY enjoyed ourselves as it was not ‘political’. Had a great dinner at Courtney’s-the soups were awesome! Jim Gray was in the store yesterday-said all he is hearing is how great the carrot cake was! I’ll pass that on to Kat (Cecil). Hope you enjoyed it as well. To top it all off-the Redskins won-John and Brent said the game was better than watching the Super Bowl! Mary K.”

Re: how John and I are related my Mom loaned me her copy of Barbara Raley’s genealogy of the Smith family and I think I have it  as follows:  John and I both have the same great great grandparents John Francis Smith (which is where the name J. Frank comes from)and Mary Alice Dunbar.

John Francis married Mary Alice and they had 6 children two of whom were Alice Eloise and Eugenia Ann.  Alice married Dr. Hamilton Lloyd.  Eugenia married Saul Raley and they had 3 children – J. Frank Sr., Harry (my Grandfather) and Sissie.  My Grandfather Harry married Anna and their daughter Eugenia (Jean) is my Mom.

John’s great Grandmother Alice and Dr. Lloyd had 2 daughters – Mary and Eloise. Mary married Donovan Bohanan and they had 3 sons one of whom was Jack who is John’s father.

Thus, John and I are cousins once or twice removed or something like that.

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