My Girls

Buzzy and Ryan – Honolulu
Reagan left, Ryan right, Pot Bellied Dude in Between

Earlier in the week I posted some pictures of my sons Brady and Shea with Buzzy. Here’s some of my daughters Ryan and Reagan.  

Ryan recently graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Master’s in Sports Medicine and is currently a trainer at Chaminade University.  Reagan graduated from Villa Julie College with a degree in Business English and is putting it to good use working on Base for a Defense contractor.

At left is a picture of Reagan with her Grandfather at her 8th grade graduation in 1998. Note that Buzzy is wearing the same shirt here that he wore to Shea’s party in 2008 (see pictures from 12 and  13 October below.)  Also, in the party pictures, he’s wearing Reagan’s alma mater hat from Villa Julie College.  How’s that for full circle dress/Buzzy-wise!

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