Beaujolais and Buzzy

Buzzy and I were in Paris in November 1998 and as we wandered around the “City of Lights” we noticed many of the stores  advertising the upcoming arrival of that year’s  Beaujolais Nouveau.   We learned that this was quite an annual event for the French in that at midnight on the 3rd Thursday of each November they begin selling that year’s vintage of  their Beaujolais Nouveau wine.  For more info click here.

So on that Wednesday night I prepared to leave our hotel room around 11:30 p.m. to journey down a couple of blocks to an all night store and check things out.  As I left, Buzzy reminded me “You know you’re a country boy in a big city, you sure you want to be out there wandering around at midnight just to watch them put some wine out?”

Despite Buzzy’s misgivings I proceeded down the street to the store and sure enough there were stacks of the wine in the aisles ready for sale at 12:01.  Couple folks were buying it but overall it wasn’t the festive kind of thing I was expecting.  Buzzy was right again – it was definitely not worth it! I returned to the hotel and tried not to wake Buzzy as I slipped into my bed. He awoke anyway and asked “How was it?” I told him that there wasn’t much to it. He rolled back over and said “Tried to tell you.” So much for my Beaujolais Nouveau experience!  

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