Buzzy & George Aud

I was leaving the Bean Building yesterday and saw two elderly gentleman exchanging pleasantries.  It reminded me of a scene that took place a few years back between Buzzy and George Aud at almost the exact spot where the two friends were having their exchange.  

Buzzy and I were on the way into the Building approaching from the north side when we saw George Aud coming up the sidewalk from the other direction.  Like Buzzy, George was slightly slouched over, shuffling along slowly and you could tell he was in some pain.  However, when he and Buzzy met just before the door and recognized each other, they both straightened up and seemed to liven up some “Buzzy Ridgell, how the hell are you?” George asked and Buzzy replied “Not too bad for an old man.”  

They began talking and reminiscing and as they did so I went back to my car, retrieved my camera and took the picture you see above.  They continued to laugh and joke as we all went into the Bean Building where George said, “Good seeing you Buzzy.  Now let me go over here and try and not let these sob’s mess me up anymore than I already am.”  George walked away and as Buzzy and I got into the elevator he smiled and said “Same ol’ George.” 

Buzzy passed away in June 2009 and George a month later in July.

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