Miss Hattie’s Stuffed Ham Recipe

Wednesday night Pam and I stuffed a ham using my Grandmother Miss Hattie’s recipe which is reprinted here. Buzzy had passed this recipe along to me some years back.   It contains the usual ingredients you see in most other stuffed ham recipes with one exception  – several sprigs of mint.  Look midway down the recipe here and you will see where Buzzy has annotated in the margin “Mom’s way.”)

The other item of interest in this recipe is that Buzzy has marked the third ingredient kale as being  “optional.”  Remember that this is the down County style where cabbage is the main preference.   Most of the stuffed ham recipes you see will call for a mixture of cabbage and kale.

Check out a good Enterprise article click here that discusses a stuffed ham event/fundraiser hosted by my buddy Rory Feicht.   The article also contains a picture of friends Bernie Taylor and Pizzel Keen and includes the memorable line that I’m sure George Guy would second  “stuffed ham is best eaten and prepared while drinking a 10-ounce Budweiser,”

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