Tinky’s Turkeys

Thought this being Thanksgiving Eve I’d honor all turkeys with Alan Pagenhardt’s painting titled Tinky’s Turkeys.  Alan is a local artist who obviously knew my Uncle Tinky well enough to obtain Tinky’s permission to paint a picture of the above turkeys.  However, something I find more interesting than the turkeys in the print is the old hen house in the background.  As I recall, this is a pretty good depiction of it with the exception that Alan makes it look a lot better than I remember it.  My grandmother Miss Hattie used to collect and sell eggs from the chickens who did their thing in this coop.  Whenever the subject of needing money for something would come up, Miss Hattie would say something along the lines “I’ll just have to take it out of my egg money.”

Back to Alan’s picture, wouldn’t you like to know what Tinky really thought about someone wanting to paint a picture of his turkeys!  For more info about Alan and samples of his work click here.

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