Buzzy’s Christmas Party – 2010

Here’s a short video of some of the folks who were at Buzzy’s Christmas Party last Saturday night.  Couple of caveats: 1) I did not get on film any of our oyster chefs – Jimmy, Mary Lou and Bubba Cullison along with my son Brady but please note that the party would not have been the success it was without them.   
2)  I included the Beatles’ song Yellow Submarine for no particular reason other than it seemed to fit particularly since it has the line “and our friends are all aboard.”  With my old running mates Dickie Cullison, Robbie Hall, Greg Madjeski, Mike Raley and Bobby Wright all in attendance that was certainly true for me.  (Guess from here on I need to start being careful when I refer to them as my “old” friends.)
3)  Still haven’t figured out why Santa Claus aka Ray Gagnon was wearing those red cami’s!

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