The Eddie

Following my post on Sade yesterday someone asked me what the “Eddie” was and wanted to know if I was talking about Eddie Green. While I still hear from Eddie Green, who now resides in Florida, every once in awhile, the Eddie I was referring to is a surfing competition that is held at this time of year in Hawaii. The Eddie (click here) is named after Eddie Aikau who was a legendary North Shore surfer reknown for rescuing surfers from the Waimea Bay.  Eddie died trying to rescue some folks from a boating accident when he tried to swim to shore to get help and drowned.  The rest of the folks in the canoe were ultimately rescued.  If you see the following bumper sticker around in your travels it is referring to Eddie Aikau.

The Eddie competition takes place only when the waves at Waimea Bay reach 20 ft. in height and that occurs in the December/January timeframe.   The website schedule reads “The Bay Calls the Day.”  Here’s a nice blogsite that discusses what the 2009 event was like click here.

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