Favorite Scents

BJ Gray rolled into Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday in her new car.  Despite the freezing temps, several folks ventured outside to check it out.  As they made their way back into the Store and commented about how nice the vehicle was, a second sentiment was also expressed “Sure do love that smell of a new car!”  
This led to a discussion of favorite scents.  Earlier in the afternoon David “Clutch” Raley had talked about how his wife Marcia was home baking cinnamon buns and how good it smelt.  Barbara Demko cited the smell of steamed crabs as being one of her favorites.  Duncan Leper mentioned the smell of wood burning from a chimney.  
Do your own survey and it will amuse you at just what people will cite as their favorite scents.     (For the record my favorites include honeysuckle, newly cut grass, saltwater, freshly tilled soil and anything with an orange scent to it.)   When you do your survey you’ll find that some scents are cited repeatedly.  (Dudes in particular will cite that new car smell a lot.)  However here is one favorite scent that you will not  or should not expect to hear repeated much.  LtCol Kilgore in Apocalypse Now:

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