Greatest Inventions of All Time

Today in history the Wright brothers made their first flight in 1903. When it comes to listing the best inventions of all time, the airplane is always mentioned in the top five. There are many lists and opinions of course but the following one lists T-V, internet, steam engine, and the printing press along with the airplane click here.
What is interesting about about this list is the inclusion of the internet. I remember seeing a similar list from a couple years ago and the light bulb was listed as the 5th top item. (Look at it this way – no lights no internet and no t-v right?)
Then again a Ridge boy top five invention list might include Budweiser beer, the koozie to keep it cold, positraction rear end for cars, double barrelled shotgun and NASCAR.  (Back to being serious for a moment, gunpowder and automobiles are often listed on many of these best of invention lists.  Depending on the source of the list however, moonshine and beer may or may not be listed! )  

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