Hit The Road Frank

Note to Buzzy:  How about tracking Frank down in that afterlife wherever you guys are and tell him to quit bugging me!

These past couple of days I’ve been swamped with Frank Sinatra references and am at a loss to explain why.  I’m not a big fan of Ol’ Blue Eyes. Don’t care for him as a person, don’t particularly like any of his music, and in general don’t see why he’s considered so great.  The leader of the Rat Pack seems to sum him up best for me.

That said however, in the past two days I’ve been confronted with three distinct Frank “moments.”   1.    I’m reading  Hollywood agent/producer Jerry Weintraub’s book I’ll Stop Talking When I’m Dead in which he discusses his dealings with Frank.  Jerry ostensibly compliments Frank for teaching him the value of timing.  However, reading between the lines as Jerry recounts some of his interactions with Frank, it just confirms for me what a schmuck Frank really was.  For more info click here.   

2. I was at Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday afternoon doing some paperwork and listening to an XM radio segment that discussed at length Sinatra’s meeting, courtship and ultimate marriage to Ava Gardner.  The description was sympathetic to Frank and talked to how it influenced him musically.   It also talked to how this negatively impacted his career with his fan base as they did not approve of him leaving his then wife for Ava.  (Maybe this should have been the first hint to them of what a lowlife he really was.)   

No. 3 and finally (I hope) today I check out one of my favorite blogsites and there is a post talking about Frank and Robert Plant singing songs about women’s infidelity (and yes it says that Ava did Frank wrong – to which I say good for her!)  To read the rest of that story click here.   (The Led Zepplin song discussed contains one of my favorite rock n roll lines “Gonna leave her when the guitars play.”)

On the other hand I always did kind of like Nancy. You know, all that talent of hers.

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