No Peanuts – Please!

This is Supposed to be Humorous?

Couple weeks back I did a download of my opinion of Frank Sinatra (click here) and received a little negative feedback from some folks who could not understand why I disliked Ol’ Blue Eyes so much.  In a Christmasey conciliatory mood, I’ll concede that Frank wasn’t as awful as I made him out to be.  While I still don’t care much for him nor his music, I do recognize that there was “something” to him and all his do-be-do-be-do-ness.

On the other hand I don’t, never did and never will see anything of any redeeming value about the whole  Peanuts thing.  Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, even Snoopy, I hated all of them.  The “comic” strip was boringly stupid and biggest crime of all – not the least bit funny.   Accordingly, I am in complete agreement with the following blunt but very accurate take on Charlie Brown click here.

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