AFC/NFC Championships Today – Sine Birds

A Crow Not a Raven But You Get the Point

Last weekend the NFL playoffs were not for the birds as the Seahawks, Falcons and Ravens all competed but ultimately crumbled.  I was in Ft. Lauderdale watching the Ravens-Steelers game with my father-in-law Sol when he noted at half time “Your boys are in pretty good shape here.” I told him I wasn’t so sure about that because I had seen this movie before where the Ravens roll in the first half only to stink it up in the second.  However, I never intended to be so prophetic of the Ravens’ second half abysmal collapse, which saw them meltdown in every way possible.
After the game Sol told me “Boy you sure called that one.”
Don’t know if this is coincidental or not but when I saw the article click here – that the Edgar Allen Poe toaster did not appear this year, my first thought was that he must have been a Ravens’ fan and that he jumped off the Francis Scott Key bridge.   Maybe as he jumped he was thinking “Nevermore will I let the Ravens disappoint me like this!”

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