Joe Namath

New Year’s Day always makes me think of college football Bowl games and indirectly reminds me of Joe Namath. For some reason the memory of watching him and Alabama play Texas on New Year’s Day 1965 sticks with me. I know it has something to do with my Mom actually sitting down and watching the game with me. We were still living at the Store and when the game came on and she happened to notice that Joe was wearing white high top shoes or something she sat and watched the entire game with me. She tells this story a lot about how much she enjoyed watching the game and the quarterback in the white shoes. (Something I had forgotten however – Alabama lost (click here) that bowl game to Texas but because voting for the National Championship was done prior to the bowl games, they were still named National Champs. Funny how after all these years, college football still hasn’t figured out how to determine their championship in a sensible way.)

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