Pappe’s Bar and Buzzy’s Country Store

Found this 1892 picture of an establishment in Enid, Oklahoma where I was born – in Enid not in the saloon.  I appreciate the picture because it portrays another one of those “combination businesses” sort of like Buzzy’s Country Store.  
Someone asked me the other day why Buzzy’s wasn’t listed on Google as a bar.  I told him it didn’t come up in Google because Buzzy’s is a Country Store and not a bar.  
Reminded me of an exchange I had with the wife of one of my friends, a relative actually, on why she did not visit the Store.  She informed me “J.Scott, I do not do bars.”  I told her I didn’t have a bar to which she said, “Oh yes you do and you’re the worst of bar owners because you have a bar and don’t even know you have a bar!”  I’ll bet that the owner of Pappe’s Saloon and Bakery never had to hear put downs like that!

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