Hospice Fishing Tournament Set for 14 May

Beth Joseph and Laura Clarke from Hospice have been working with several of us on this years’ Bottom County Hospice Fishing tournament. Jimmy and Mary Lou Cullison originated and organized the first Hospice Tournament 4 years ago in memory of Bobby Demko. Since then the tournament has been held annually in May and has raised several thousands of dollars for Hospice.
This year’s event will be in memory of Buzzy. To assist the Hospice folks and Jimmy and Mary Lou in planning for it, we have formed a committee of Charlie Bennett, Pat Birmingham, Barbara Demko, Larry Eberhard and Jennifer O’Dell. Contact any of us if you’d like to be a sponsor or to participate in the event.
This year’s tournament will have its awards ceremony at Buzzy’s Country Store where we’ll also have some food and music and maybe a beer or two. (May even slide Polock in there with some karaoke.)
If you can’t make the tournament to fish that day, put the awards party on your calendar and plan on attending.

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