Jackson & Bruno

 Yesterday Pat Birmingham brought into Buzzy’s Country Store his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Jackson who looks a little like a miniature Bruno.  

Below is a picture of Buzzy with our baby Bruno at 8 weeks old.  It was taken in February 2008 when we had just picked Bruno up and brought her down to the Store. 

Little bit of a bitter sweet picture for me however because it reminds me that shortly after this, Buzzy fell and had to go into the hospital.  Then shortly after that on 12 February, my birthday, I moved him from St. Mary’s Hospital into the nursing home.   He never lived at the Store after that.

Back to Jackson Birmingham however, here’s a nice Keb Mo video that features Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne.  (I’ll continue to look for video songs performed by any artist named Bruno!) 

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