Weather or Not

Any day in February that is not freezing is a good one.  These past couple of days and the immediate forecast fall into that category.  Looks like our annual Presidents Day snow storm will have to wait at least a year to nail us again.

Here’s a photo of how they do the weather in Kauai, Hawaii.  The last category about the hurricane is not so far fetched.  We noted that everywhere we went we saw roosters and hens roaming wild.  (Seemed the groupings were one rooster and about 3 or 4 hens together.  That appeared to be the approximate chicken polygamy ratio!)  We asked one of the locals what was up with all the chickens and he explained that Hurricane Iniki  click here destroyed the island in 92 and all the cooped up chickens were freed and when left on their own they survived and thrived.  That 3 to 1 ratio will work every time!

Only one video can follow this right?  It’s a little long but stick with it because there are some great pictures and images.

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