Beach Portrait Photography

When I was in Hawaii last month, I took this picture at the North Shore’s Sunset Beach which was hosting a surfing competition at the time.  While Pam and I were sitting there enjoying the event, a busload of Japanese tourists descended upon the beach and began snapping pictures of each other.  It caused me to think about the whole beach portrait photography genre.
I was visiting some friends awhile back and as I enjoy doing, checked out their family portrait wall.  Sure enough they had one of those beach family portraits on prominent display.  I noted how similar their beach portrait was to others I’ve seen:  every one’s wearing white, mom’s  in the middle, beach and ocean are perfectly lit etc.  If you haven’t seen any samples of this yet, here’s a website featuring all sorts of beach portraiture and gives you a pretty good overview of what’s involved  click here.
However, think I’ll stick to what I call Buzzy Front Porch Portraiture:

Shreve/Fairfax Family and others. 

For more info on this picture click here.l

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