Buzzy and Clyde

Clyde related a funny Buzzy story the other night in the Store.  When he was a youngster living down Cornfield Harbor he told his older brothers he was going to walk up to Buzzy’s to get some candy.  They asked him to pick them up a pack of rolling papers.  Clyde entered the Store and of course the place was packed with the usual crowd of guys standing around joking and drinking.  Clyde said he got his candy but did not want to ask Buzzy for the papers, so he looked around to see where they were.  And of course the papers were behind the counter sitting right below the cigarette rack.  (Where they still are today as a matter of fact.)
With no other choice, Clyde asked Buzzy for a pack of papers and tried to do it as quietly and as low keyed as he could.  However, Buzzy started screwing with him “Speak up boy I can’t hear you.”  So Clyde asked a little louder for the papers and of course by now the Store was quiet and everyone knew what he was trying to do.   
As he handed Clyde the papers, Buzzy started in on him some more “What are you going to do with these?  You got some happy smoke on you?” 
After paying for the candy and the papers, Clyde said he was scared  walking back home because he thought that Buzzy was going to call and tell his old man.  He just knew an ass whipping was coming.  But Buzzy never did call his dad.  
Clyde said that after that, whenever he came back into the Store, Buzzy would always tease him by asking “Got any good stuff on you?”

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