Five Guys & Buzzy’s

Couple visitors to Buzzy’s Country Store awhile back purchased a six pack of beer and then asked if they could sit in the Store and drink them.  I informed them that the 6 pack price was a “to go” price and that while they were welcome to sit and drink in the Store they would have to pay the $2 per beer price.  They paid the difference, sat and drank their beers and stayed awhile.  Nice guys one of whom owned a home down Fox Harbor Road. After they left, Brother Jimmy Cullison teased me “Do you know who that was?  That was Jerry Murrell the owner of Five Guys and here you were pulling a Buzzy on them acting like they were trying to get over on you.”  I said “Guess those fast food boys don’t differentiate between here or to go prices like bar rooms and liquor stores do.”     
Jerry’s been back a couple times since then and we now laugh about our first exchange.  For more info on Jerry and Five Guys click here.

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